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Does anyone here wonder why you have these thoughts implanted in your mind sometimes since childhood?? It is the moth to the flame...it is the same spiritual force that draws the male preying mantis to it's own sexual death...to be quickly incapacitated and eaten.

I have an intense fascination and respect for the female mantis and I am currently writing an academic thesis on her mating habits. Her power over the male can express itself in many other animals on many different levels. In fact a gene has been isolated that seems to control the cannibalistic finale to mantis copulation. I am currently working as a student researcher with some of the worlds top geneticists on a viral delivery system that could insert this gene into any species.

In the mean time I NEED MONEY FOR SCHOOL!!! A doctorate isn't cheap!!


When I draw you in with the irresistible view of my beautiful and perfect legs you become mentally weak...when you are close enough I attack with speed and power like the mantis and render you unconscious... 


You think you like it?    This is your mistake.

Look at how I can make a man go unconscious in seconds. Look at how smashed and distorted the head and face are from my power. That fascinates me for some reason...to see the eyes bulging from under shut eyelids....feet twitching... LOL!!  Just the fact that I can really do this to any man I want gives me a rush....Some women are subservient, I am very much the opposite. 


I am a feeder angel...a man's essence is uploaded to my higher spirit when I knock him out with my legs. I squeeze the life out of them and take it.   Whether you believe it or not and it empowers me here on Earth....laugh if you want. I will destroy you for my own gain.


Think about it..doesn't it seem like a strange thing to excite you?? Why do so many men have this strange scenario in their minds? These things exist for a purpose...it is an implant that allows us to harvest you....I know this is true. This is deep magic....and it works for me. (;




Mia Mantis



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